Journey in France: $36,000 French Home Changes US Couple Life

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Imagine visiting France and finding a charming town to buy a house there. American couple Robin Johnson and Jim Thaman experienced the same. In 2001, they unexpectedly bought a property in charming Cajarc, southwestern France, for $36,000. This changed their lives drastically.

By Chance

They fell in love with Cajarc shortly after arriving in Europe, starting their journey. These couple wanted to reside in Cajarc because of its stunning surroundings, dynamic local scene, and interesting people. They chose on the spot, feeling that the place chose them.

A Dream Realised: Move to France

Even though they had visited France as children, they never considered moving there until that fateful trip. They had always wanted to live overseas. A little French village was the perfect place to start their new life.

Lovely Cajarc

Cajarc’s beauty and uniqueness astonished them. The tiny alleys, local market, and waterside bars added to its charm. They had to go on their trip, but they discovered they could return the next day.

Not as expected

When they arrived in Cajarc, they visited a real estate firm and a lawyer to view properties. A $36,000 abandoned house was uncovered when the stars aligned. Even though it was decades old, they sensed potential.


The rundown house featured a tiny yard and porch, unusual for the area. The house’s versatility and affordable price appealed to them. They joined a life-changing trip.

Finalising the Deal

The couple wrote to the owner to buy the 800-year-old mansion. Their contract was a letter of acceptance. The straightforward purchase process made them think it was meant to be.

A Creative Renovation Journey

After returning to Cajarc, they began improvements. Their latest artistic goal was to open up little rooms and redesign the property. The house looked classic since they decorated the walls with clay and lime.

In a fictional world

Their first few years in Cajarc were like a dream. Daily tasks like trashing become pleasurable. The residents were nice and made them feel at home right away.

Somewhere in the Neighbourhood

Since they were the first outsiders to relocate to town, folks were curious and kind. They met folks of different ages at local events. Being friends with younger people strengthened their bonds with parents and grandparents.

France Changing Things

Residents loved the couple’s renovation of an abandoned property and recognised how it improved the village. By restricting guests and focusing on their house, they made Cajarc quiet.

France Like Different Worlds

The couple enjoys summers in France and its many attractions. Winters are spent in California, where they have another home and family. Balancing two lifestyles gives them the best of both worlds.

Simple Life Enjoyment in France

Without dishwashers and laundry dryers, Cajarc residents can enjoy a carefree and uncomplicated life. They adore their charming French home.

Good Things About Both

This agreement lets them move between two areas, making their lives more exciting and full. The hectic summers in Cajarc contrast with the peaceful winters in California, and they like both.

When Robin Johnson and Jim Thaman bought a property in Cajarc, France, for $36,000 on the spot, their lives became thrilling. And then, they enjoy Cajarc’s relaxed lifestyle, which complements their California winters. They create a distinct, fulfilling lifestyle.